Descendants of YELLAND born about 1601



There are many people researching the Yelland family that originated in South Brent, Devon, about 10 miles east of Plymouth. South Brent is located about 30 miles south of South Tawton, Devon.

There is a book written about the Yelland branch that starts in South Brent, moves to Cornwall, and then to Australia. This book is called, "Feudalism to Freedom, 400 Years of Yelland Family History," published by Geoffrey P. Yelland, from Australia, in 1996.

This branch started with John Yelland, alias Welbrooke, b. abt 1540, and Margaret Cholwell, alias Williams, m. abt 1574. The link to John Yelland, alias Welbrooke and his wife, Margaret Cholwell, alias Williams, is at

There is a William Yelland, christened abt 1601 in Devon, died 1679; father, Thomas Yelland, born abt 1581, died 1645 (Will proved 5 Jul 1645); and mother, Mary Liston, married 06 AUG 1599, South Brent, Devon (Record submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church). This record ties My Yellands into the Yellands from the book, "Feudalism to Freedom, 400 Years of Yelland Family History."

The only mention of John is in the will of his Father-in-Law, John Cholwell in 1581:
"To Margaret alias Yolland my dau. my cheste at Meade and best bedsteads at Ashberton etc.
To John Welbroke alias Yollande her husband, clothing.
To the 3 sons of said John Yolland i.e. William, Thomas and John 3 good ewe sheep and £4."

John Yelland used the alias Welbrooke, possibly to avoid religious persecution.

John's three sons; William, b. abt 1575; Thomas, b. abt 1577; and John, b. abt 1578 were all born in South Brent, Devon. John also had a daughter, Jane, b. abt 1580 and a son, Richard, b. abt 1582.

There was a Hugh Yollande 1545 and in 1605 he is Hugh Yelland als Welbrook of Harford - weaver. In 1610 he is Hugh Welbrook - Brent (administration) no will.

There was a Thomas Yollande, son of John Yollande, bpt 17 Jan 1590, South Tawton; and a John Yollande, son of John Yollande, bpt 27 May 1593, South Tawton.

There was a Thomas Yolland, South Tawton 1660 (will); John Yolland, South Tawton 1672 (will); and William Yolland, South Tawton 1677 (will).